May 5, 2017

Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC is your local boiler and plumbing expert for both residential and commercial projects. Our plumbers and boiler technicians are equipped to provide the best plumbing, heating and cooling service in the local area at affordable rates. We are licensed, insured and are ready to work for you now! Whether you need help with a large commercial project or a small household leak, we will be right there to help you. We offer 24/7 emergency service should the need arise. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Our expert technicians enjoy providing local families the comfort that comes with a brand new top of the line Albuquerque air conditioning unit.

Nobody likes to bake in their own home. If you are tired of sitting down to dinner or to watch TV, feeling like you are going to melt, call Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC for an immediate estimate to cool down fast and affordably. An air conditioning Albuquerque specialist will get out to your home quickly and will work with you to fit your home with the most effective, energy efficient and affordable system available. What are you waiting for? Call Advanced Refrigeration and boiler repair today.

Heating installation and repair is not all that Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC does well. If you need a new AC unit, chances are you may need a new heating system as well. If that is the case, save money by purchasing both systems together. Keeping your family warm in the winter is just as important as keeping them cool in the summer.

Old cooling and boiler systems can lead to poor air quality in your home. Keep your family safe and healthy with our on-sight inspections. We will be able to tell if the current systems in your home are unhealthy for your family. Bad systems and poor air filtration can make your loved ones sick.

Don’t wait any longer. Call us for a free estimate today  We have no sales people. We want you to get the answers you need right from the very specialist who will install your unit. Your boiler and air conditioning technician is standing by.

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